How to make Firefox run faster a.k.a. run it in single process (firefox is slow)

Chrome started to give me troubles on multiple webistes, because I would in order to work I needed to hard empty cache for every visit to the website so I have tried firefox once again after a while to check if it works or is it better than the chrome.

On the first run the speed of the firefox browser was more or less the same as the chrome. Then after a while I started seeing that firefox is slow, beacause I have a tendency to open quote a lot new tabs the number sometimes varies from 30 to multiple windows with 20+ tabs :D

What I saw in this usage is that firefox is using more than double memory of the Chrome, so if chrome in total has used 4Gigs the firefox usage would be 8Gigs+. This is not so acceptable to me as my laptop has 16Gigs of RAM so it would fill quite quickly if I open something esle as well.

After looking around I have found two options in chrome about:config that helped me, basically it means to run the firefox tabs in the single process and not in multiple like default setting. This helped me to decrease the amount of memory used from 6-8gigs to around 2-3 gigs.

Try it your self:

  1. in the firefox address type about:config
  2. in search enter string autostart
  3. you will find three settings, browser.privatebrowsing.autostart, browser.tabs.remote.autostart and browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2.
  4. Set all three to false (basically autostart.2 is as I understand for firefoxe’s lower then version 58 so if you are using it this will be the settings for you).

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