meWhen I was growing up, I wanted to become a refuse truck driver, but then Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp and SBC sparked my interest. Also, I like to play with SharePoint and SQL, PowerShell automation and most of the MS server products.

Today, I’m the co-founder of SysKit Ltd. where I’ve been a since 2009. I like to learn about new technologies and you could say that I’m a tech savvy focused on server-based computing. My specialty is Windows Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp.

My daily tasks include solving server problems with monitoring, alerting, and reporting on Microsoft and Citrix servers, SharePoint and SQL. With many years behind me at SysKit, I’m also the Product Owner (by the Scrum product owner is typically a software key stakeholder) of SysKit Monitor (formerly SysKit) and SysKit Insights. Part of the product owner responsibilities is to have a vision of what we want to have in the product, and convey that vision to the scrum team <- this is the best definition of my role I have copied from Wikipedia :-).

In my spare time, I enthusiastically blog about server related topics and I’m an active member in the Microsoft and Citrix community.

When I come home from work, and leave the battles of server administration to rest, and new endless battles start with my lovely wife and a two-year old son, Roko :-)

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