Office 365 auditing

Teams slow

Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams - Frane Borozan - February 12, 2021

Is your Microsoft Teams slow? Are you experiencing Microsoft Teams client slowness, or different other problems like: Teams slow click on the users or channels takes forever to change screen your status won’t change missing messages in channels because channels are not bolded Teams client starting 20 seconds+ What you…

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Office 365 configuration best practices

Microsoft 365, Office 365, SharePoint - Frane Borozan - September 10, 2020

Office 365 configuration best practices I try with this blog to present you the minimum you need to do for the Office 365 configuration best practices. Office 365 account takeover Office 365 account takeovers are really problematic when it comes down to Office 365 attacks. The most interesting targets are…

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Thrive 2019 – 10TH annual conference in Slovenia!

conference - Frane Borozan - September 18, 2019

  I am attending as the speaker 10th annual conference in Postojna, Slovenia. The conference will be on 12 – 13 Nov 2019. My session is about SharePoint Online troubleshooting performance: Short intro in the session: Performance problems with the migration to the SharePoint Online are not over, the scope…

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Office 365 auditing

Office 365 auditing

SharePoint - Frane Borozan - June 19, 2019

Office 365 audit logs are your private detective, in case you need to find out what was going on in your Office 365 tenant our you need to perform office 365 auditing then Office 365 audit log is the place where you will find everything needed. The good thing about…

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Microsoft Edge add google search engine

Microsoft Edge - Frane Borozan - April 9, 2019

Microsoft has released yesterday on April 8 2019 a first Microsoft Edge browser that is based on the Chromium open-source engine. Latest dev version that will be updated weekly is available on the This is first browser from Microsoft that is not based on the old pal IE engine…

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sharepoint best practices

SharePoint Best Practices

SharePoint - Frane Borozan - March 19, 2019

Having a solid environment is an important prerequisite for well maintained SharePoint installation. Designing optimal installation requires planning in details. If the installation is not done properly, you can later on experience strange issues, performance issues or just both. The set or best practices I will mention below are built…

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Top SharePoint News

SharePoint, SharePoint news - Frane Borozan - January 23, 2019

Few months ago at a company where I work, we have discussed internally what is the best way to aggregate various SharePoint sources where we can read all the latest news from the SharePoint field. There are many places like SharePoint team blog or Microsoft tech community¬†or Top SharePoint Influencers…

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What is SharePoint?

SharePoint - Frane Borozan - December 28, 2018

What is SharePoint? SharePoint in a nutshell is a collaboration platform from Microsoft. Think about it like Google Apps, but how Microsoft sees it. So in the Google Apps you can share a document with your fellow colleagues or with external people, the people that are outside your company. You…

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SharePoint slow? SharePoint Online or on-prem troubleshoot slowness issues

SharePoint - Frane Borozan - November 21, 2018

As more and more organization are moving to the cloud on the conferences I have been and with clients I have discussed, I hear quite often that they experience SharePoint performance problems or SharePoint slow responds back, either the page loads to slow, either it happens regularly during the day…

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How to make Firefox run faster a.k.a. run it in single process (firefox is slow)

Uncategorized - Frane Borozan - October 9, 2018

Chrome started to give me troubles on multiple webistes, because I would in order to work I needed to hard empty cache for every visit to the website so I have tried firefox once again after a while to check if it works or is it better than the chrome.…

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