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Implementing Default Sensitivity Labels in SharePoint

Uncategorized - Frane Borozan - January 22, 2024

When it comes to protecting documents within SharePoint libraries, timing, and proper configuration are key. Sensitivity labels, once set, play a critical role in how and when your documents are secured. Here’s what you need to know about the timing of when these labels are applied and the prerequisites for…

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How Microsoft 365 Copilot crafts replies?

Uncategorized - Frane Borozan - September 20, 2023

Microsoft is leaking more and more Microsoft 365 Copilot data online. I found an interesting picture below on how Microsoft 365 Copilot works and from where it pulls data. Few important premises to know: ✅ Microsoft 365 Copilot only surfaces data to which users have at least VIEW permissions ✅…

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Kulendayz here I come!

Uncategorized - Frane Borozan - September 13, 2023

Excited to share that this weekend, I’ll be taking the stage at #KulenDayz in Osijek to deep dive into the world of Microsoft Syntex within #Microsoft365. Wondering what #MicrosoftSyntex is? 🤔 At its core, Microsoft Syntex offers a suite of content services, fusing next-generation AI and automation to streamline and enhance central business processes. My…

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M365Conf 2023

Uncategorized - Frane Borozan - May 8, 2023

M365Conf is over and I am so happy that I had an opportunity to discuss with current as well as future partners. I am looking forward for the next one next year. Microsoft has announced so many new things and we can clearly see that Microsoft is all in with…

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What is a new Microsoft Teams Premium License announced at the Ignite 2022?

Uncategorized - Frane Borozan - October 13, 2022

Expected price of the Teams Premium license is USD 10 per user per month. Features begin to roll out in Dec 2022, GA Feb 2023.   MEETING GUIDES – meetings can be a client call, brainstorming meeting, or help desk call. Controlled and managed by IT. Management assured best practices…

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#MicrosoftTeams Private Channels Access reviews! 🎉🎉🎉

Uncategorized - Frane Borozan - August 25, 2022

Microsoft introduced a while ago Private channels in the #MicrosoftTeams but since day one private channels are a huge challenge for various architects and engineers who are in charge of the #MicrosoftTeams management. The questions that are usually asked are: ❓what private channels we have ❓in what Teams do we have private channels…

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Pop out to see content in a separate window in #MicrosoftTeams!!! 😱😱😱 at last!

Uncategorized - Frane Borozan - August 16, 2022

Pop out to see content in a separate window in #MicrosoftTeams!!! 😱😱😱 at last! I was missing this feature for quite a while. If somebody was sharing content I had people’s faces on the right. Then if I wanted to see chat it would appear on the right, and faces would…

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#MicrosoftTeams module 4.6.0

Uncategorized - Frane Borozan - August 3, 2022

Release notes are here: Few interesting new cmdlets: [Get|Remove]-SharedWithTeam location of a shared channel in a team Get-TeamAllChannel get all channels belonging to a team in a single command Get-TeamIncomingChannel i believe it retrieves the info about shared channels Get-AssociatedTeam gets information about all the teams that user belongs…

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Pinned chat in Teams

Uncategorized - Frane Borozan - June 30, 2022

Last few days in the #MicrosoftTeams chat I have noticed a new chat was pinned automatically for me, it is myself 😂😅 I love to use it for: – like a reminder if I need to do something tomorrow, and I just send a message to myself, I can check…

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Cross tenant access type: B2B direct connect sign in logs

Microsoft Teams, Uncategorized - Frane Borozan - June 17, 2022

There is no way of telling quickly who is accessing through the B2B direct connect in the Purview audit search. If you want to check out B2B direct connect users in the Microsoft teams you need to look for the logs in the Azure AD sign-in logs: Open Azure AD…

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