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Back in 2009, when Toni and I co-founded Acceleratio, Terminal Services Log was our first and most important application. Over the years, thousands of clients have used our software to monitor many more thousands of their servers across the globe. During that time, we have shipped many other products in the Terminal Services Log family, including Remote Desktop Gateway Monitor, Virtual Desktop Monitor (not supported anymore) and Server Monitoring Toolkit.

Then as you know, when Windows 2008 R2 was shipped in the summer of 2009, Microsoft decided to re-brand Terminal Services as Remote Desktop Services. As many of our clients still preferred the old “TS” lingo, we decided to wait a bit more. And we waited and waited, but now, just six years later, we are finally ready to make the big switch!

Starting November 18, 2015, we will be discontinuing Terminal Services Log, Remote Desktop Gateway Monitor and Server Monitoring Toolkit, and we will have just “one product to rule them all!”

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to present you SysKit 2016!


SysKit is the ultimate Windows administrator companion, allowing you to monitor and manage your Windows-based infrastructure, including your Windows Servers, Remote Desktop Servers, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop servers, workstations, SharePoint and SQL machines. Over the years we have included many new data-sets we track now, including remote users that are connecting to your servers, applications being executed by those users, performance counters like CPU, Memory, Network and Disk IO, each applications IOPS etc. Despite the complexity of the underlying application core, our primary goal has always been the same: we want to deliver software that is powerful yet very simple to configure and use.

The new name goes well with our two other products, SPDocKit and CloudKit 365. “Kit” means “whale” in Croatian; hence, the new icon for SysKit is going to be our “buddy whale”.


Let this little blue whale remind us that quality is always better than quantity and, thus, let SysKit be the one tool for healing all system admin headaches.

Want to start now? Download free trial and use the code “SysKitRules2015” to obtain a 50% discount.

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