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Free Helpdesk ticketing solution for internal IT with Office 365 SSO

Active Directory, Azure - Frane Borozan - March 3, 2017

For our company communication with our clients we are using ticketing system Zendesk. I must say zendesk is a great solution that is very modern and fast, it comes for the with the integrated chat and phone as well. We were looking for a solution where we will have a ticketing…

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Upgrading from DirSync to Azure Active Directory Connect

Active Directory - Frane Borozan - September 5, 2016

I’ll discuss my experience with upgrading from DirSync to Azure Active Directory Connect and how I ran into some issues after the installation was complete. I had a hard time figuring out why weren’t my settings automatically applied causing the server to suspend active synchronization. Here's how I managed to…

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SysKit 2016 – Ultimate Server Monitoring Tool

Active Directory, RD Gateway, Remote Desktop Services, SQL, Windows general, WMI - Frane Borozan - November 24, 2015

Back in 2009, when Toni and I co-founded Acceleratio, Terminal Services Log was our first and most important application. Over the years, thousands of clients have used our software to monitor many more thousands of their servers across the globe. During that time, we have shipped many other products in the…

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Opening group policy editor on a remote computer and forcing GP Update

Active Directory, Group Policy - Frane Borozan - February 12, 2015

So you need to opne group policy on a remote computer directly, but you are to laisy to go there or other computer is on the other part of the country? Simply go to Start Run and type: gpedit.msc /gpcomputer: remote-computer After you have loaded third party adm file, configured policy or just…

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Azure RemoteApp Remote Desktop Services Role – join to domain really required?

Active Directory, Azure, RemoteApp - Frane Borozan - June 2, 2014

This is open letter to Microsoft Azure RemoteApp team: For the Microsoft Azure RemoteApp you are required to install Remote Desktop Services role on the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2. To install Remote Desktop Services you are required to join the server to the domain. So there is one step more…

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