Downloads folder slow to load/sort in Windows 10

If you are like me you probably love to download various stuff from the internet and then over time when you have a lot of files in the downloads folder it is slow to load, or when you want to sort by date for example it takes forever or never finishes.

What happens here is is downloads folder is optimized as pictures folder so probably windows is trying to generate a thumbnail of the files/picture.

Here is the solution:

  1. Right click on the downloads folder in windows explorer
  2. You need to go to Customize tab > Select General Items and apply this to all the subfolders as well
    Downloads folder slow to load2Now you downloads folder will load just fine :-)

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One comment on “Downloads folder slow to load/sort in Windows 10
  1. Piet Pietersen says:

    Just wanted to say THANKS! This helped me big time.

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