Microsoft publishes Remote Desktop Preview for Windows Phone 8.1

Finally Microsoft announced Remote Desktop Preview for Windows Phone 8.1. Some time I have it on the iPad and I must admit application is really something different and easy to use while on the road. I have Windows Phone 8 for two years now and one of the crucial tools on the phone is remote desktop. Sure you can’t do anything powerful but to connect to the server, to check few things or to restart this is more than enough. Application feels smooth and to control the mouse you don’t need to tap with your big finger, instead you slide on the screen to move the cursor around. This way you can aim something really small without fear that you will click something else (think restart or killing something that you must not turn off :-).

The only thing that was not natural for me is right click. Usually right click is holding down the finger but instead here two finger tap is right click. Once you get used to it will be really easy to navigate around your servers or desktops while on the road or make an impression in front of fellow colleagues ;-)

Application for download is available on the Windows Phone store.

2014-04-25 10.39.48

2014-04-25 10.40.212014-04-25 10.24.14

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One comment on “Microsoft publishes Remote Desktop Preview for Windows Phone 8.1
  1. Samuel says:

    Yeah remote desktop for WP8.1 is really cool! Love it so far.

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